Valley Road Wagon Trailers for Select Models

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Need to pull more?  Add a two wheel wagon trailer to pull behind your Valley Road Wagon.  This wagon trailer comes in three different versions that have widths and wheels to match select Valley Road models.  They come with a bolt-on hitch for the pull wagon. A pin is not included so try your local hardware store for a bolt or lynch pin. Prices vary by model, and these are also available in "Poly" plastic. Made in the USA. 

Model A: This trailer, 350T, is 20x30" and has 10" air tires.  It matches Valley Road Model #350.

Model B: This trailer, 1300T, is 24x30" and has 13" air tires.  It matches Valley Road Model #1300.

Model C: This trailer, 6500T, is 24x30" and has 13" x 6.5" extra wide "Beach Wagon" air tires.  It matches Valley Road Models #6000, #6500 and #7000.

NOTE: Please double check that you have chosen the correct model and color to match your wagon before finalizing your order!


This order may take two weeks to ship as it is custom-built.


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