Valley Road -- Tri-Fold Cushion Seat

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NEW! American-made seat cushions from the Valley Road shop come in one versatile style, in sizes fitting most Valley Road Models.  These cushions are made with 2" foam, and cotton fabric. The Tri-Fold Cushion fits either within the full wagon bed or folded with two panels below and one for a backrest on one end of the wagon. As folded for seats, two Tri-Folds Seats will fit on opposite ends as seen in the picture (price quoted is for one tri-fold cushion). 

Please indicate the color you want and the Valley Road model number for which you are purchasing a cushion.   

Colors available:

Red Handkerchief Pattern

Blue Handkerchief Pattern

Green Handkerchief Pattern

Pink Handkerchief Pattern

Multicolor Farm Scene Pattern (with farms, cows, etc.)

NOTE: Valley Road and Speedway Express cushions are not interchangeable because the wagon interior sizes are different.  IF you are purchasing a Speedway Express wagon, please purchase a Speedway Express cushion: Speedway-express-tri-fold-cushion-seat

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