Valley Road Cooler Carrier

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Valley Road Cooler Carrier

This heavy duty cooler rack allows you to take a cooler along without taking up space in your wagon.  It is also very convenient for moms who want extra space for a diaper bag or toy bag for the kids.  The rack measures 15" W x 24" L x 6" H.

The carrier attaches and removes easily.  This carrier fits Valley Road models 350 and higher.  This will fit other four-wheel Amish wagon models that have a welded steel undergear and and a size and design similar to Valley Road models 350-7000. Made in the USA.

NOTE: This product is the Valley Road model. The Speedway Express shop also has a cooler rack to fit their wagons. Please purchase the Speedway brand cooler rack if your wagon is a Speedway model: Speedway Express Cooler Rack

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