Speedway Express Wagon Series 128

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Speedway Express Series 128 wagon is a short version of the 330 wagon with a bed of 19 3/8 by 33 inches. The big wheels combined with the stubby length make for a high performance and off-road look in a fine wagon.  Kids love this one!!

-Made in the USA
-Comes in Red, Blue, Pink, Green with yellow wheels, and Oliver Green with white wheels
-Delivery time may be longer for blue, pink and Oliver Green
-Bed size of 19 3/8 x 33 inches
-10" x 3.5" air tires on 4" wheels with 5/8" ball bearings
-800 lbs. of load capacity
-18.5" track width

Free shipping to most states!  Western zones will add $40-$65 in shipping.