Speedway Express Tri-Fold Cushion Seat

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American-made seat cushions from Speedway's own shop comes in one versatile style in sizes fitting most Speedway Models.   The Tri-Fold Cushion fits either within the full wagon bed or folded with two panels below and one for a backrest on one end of the wagon. As folded for seats, two Tri-Folds Seats will fit on opposite ends of the wagon. 

The red pattern will be shipped unless you make other arrangements. Patterns vary according to the latest fabric bolts purchased by the Amish shop, but be similar to the examples pictured or the descriptions listed here:

Fabric Patterns Available

-Red Handkerchief Pattern

-Multicolor Farm Scene

-Yellow Sunflowers on a green background

Please doublecheck that you have chosen the correct size/model number and fabric before you finalize your order.

NOTE: Valley Road and Speedway Express cushions are not interchangeable because the wagon interior sizes are different.  IF you are purchasing a Valley Road wagon, please purchase a Valley Road cushion: Valley-Road-Tri-Fold-Cushion-Seat

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