Speedway Express Poly Wagons

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Speedway Express now offers two wagon sizes with Poly Plastic beds.  These come with the usual Speedway wood racks in red, blue, pink, green with yellow wheels, or Oliver green with white wheels:

Model 520: This is identical in size to the wooden Model 500, with a bed size of 22"x40" and 10"x3.5" air tires.

Model 620: This is identical in size to the wooden Model 630, with a bed size of 24"x48" and 13"x4" air tires.

Made in the USA!

NOTE: If you are looking for more Amish wagon sizes in plastic, see the Amish Plastic Wagons page and the Valley Road page.  Almost all Valley Road wagons, including the large beach wagons, can be ordered with poly plastic wagon beds.

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