Speedway Express - High Racks

$37.45 - $128.40
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25.00 LBS
$10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Add high racks to your wagon to carry extra high loads, or to keep the kids more secure.  These high racks come as a set in red.  These only match Speedway Express wagons, and price varies by size.  Please double check that you have selected the size that matches your Speedway Express Wagon before finalizing your order, and if you are not ordering a wagon at the same time as the racks, please specify both the length and width of the wagon in the order comments, to make sure no error is made in the sizes.

Please note: If you order these AND order a Speedway wagon, you will get the set of high racks (this item) AND your wagon will ship with a set of the regular racks.  So, you will have two sets of racks, allowing you to switch between the two. 

If you order a wagon and do NOT want regular racks at all with your wagon, only high racks, choose the last option:

See below for a size reference:

--28": Fits Speedway Express Model 110

--33": Fits Speedway Express Models 128, 320

--40": Fits Speedway Express Models 300, 330, 500, 520, 600, 800

--48": Fits Speedway Express Models 620, 630, 830

--58": Fits Speedway Express Models 858 and 870

--High Racks Only shipping WITH a wagon; no low racks included

Free shipping in the contiguous USA.