Speedway Express Aluminum Utility Wagon with Dumping Feature

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SE WBD1000
90.00 LBS
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Speedway Express has a brand new American-made product option!  The 4-wheelbarrow has an aluminum tub for maximum durablity and rides on huge 13"x6.5" turf tires.  No-flat tires measuring approximately 12"x6" are also an option. 

The tub measures 24"x48"x10" deep, and it dumps, making it a very convenient work wagon.  With a load capacity of 1000 lbs., it is ideal for many uses: gardening, mulching, feed hauling, produce, firewood and more.  This dumper wagon comes with a hitch/handle combination, so it can be pulled by hand or hitched up for heavier loads.  See the extra pictures for the dump and hitch/handle features.

Looking for something bigger and tougher yet?  Ask about the 2000 model aluminum dumper wagon.  It is the identical style, but has a 30"x60"x13.5" tub size and 2000 lbs. weight capacity!  It has to be shipped freight, so e-mail with your zip code for a quote to your location.  Please specify whether the destination is a commercial or residential address, and note if you want turf tires or no-flat tires.

Free shipping to most states!  Western states will add $40-$45 in shipping.

Please note: This wagon is NOT a toy for children, particularly because of the dumping function.  Adult use and supervision is recommended at all times.