Terms and Conditions

Order Acceptance

You must be at least 18 years of age to order. Orders received by DurableToys.com (Wagon Train Ventures, LLC) will be considered for acceptance in first in-first out (FIFO) sequence based on the date and time valid order information is received, payment in US Dollars is considered confirmed and the pertinent information is known good. Called-in orders may have to defer to automatic decreases in inventory from any online orders that were time stamped first--a decrease that may not be known to office staff. Orders can be sent to Wagon Train Ventures, LLC through DurableToys.com or by phone. Wagon Train Ventures, LLC reserves the right to reject any order for any reason including but not limited to difficulties with supply or delivery. Orders must be specific with the quantity, and description, and must include a complete shipping address with zip code, a valid method of payment, and required contact information, including a working daytime phone number and valid email address.    

Price Policy

Prices offered by Wagon Train Ventures, LLC are non-negotiable without agreement to match other sources and may vary without notice or obligation due to market and other conditions. We use part numbers to accurately describe the product and tie it to its price. The defined offering price is the one which appears on the DurableToys.com linked web pages with the advertised product's description and part number. 

For 10 days we will honor the prices on unedited printed copies from our website descriptive pages for call-in orders. Online orders are offered only at the current prices, and possible discounts are available within the system. A price that has been reduced may be noted as "sale". Misprinted, mistaken or malfunctioning internal or external online or published prices and/or specifications are subject to correction and/or change without notice or obligation to accept.


The warranty that may apply to a product can be obtained before purchase from Wagon Train Ventures, LLC upon request, or by contacting the manufacturer.

Some products have different warranties based on residential vs. commercial or institutional use. A product sold by us that fails to satisfy your expectations due to an initial defect will be addressed. Our return policy covers warranty problems, but there are additional correction options available to you. Please look at included manuals for the manufacturer's instructions as they may be the best contact and procedure for immediate resolution (varies by maker). Solutions include prompt whole or part replacement either from Wagon Train Ventures, LLC or the manufacturer as arranged by either party, with return of the initial product if needed. If return is needed, see our Returns page.  You will need to get the correct return destination (possibly not the source) using recommended arrangements if any to get the full benefit of the warranty procedure. Parts or replacements are sent at the same service level or better at our option when informed of your needs.

Safety Recalls

We will comply to manufacturers or other authority recalls to exceed the fullest extent required.

Warnings, Instructions, Disclaimer

Wagon Train Ventures, LLC offers products for sale that are manufactured by other companies. Having no control of their use once in the recipient's possession, Wagon Train Ventures, LLC assumes no liability associated with their use. The age recommendations and product certification are the responsibility of the makers of the products. Most items sold are not suitable for persons under age three, and some products are for under age 1 and up when correctly assembled and monitored by an adult. The safe adult assembly, use, fitness for use and maintenance is the responsibility of the Buyer or recipient. Read transcripts of Caution or Warning statements that may be labeled on product boxes. Some age and size information presented are estimates; please read and follow caution or warning statements, current recommendations for ages and safe use and any other instructions that may come with your item, and retain safety information for future reference. There may be cautions, warnings, age ranges, instructions, notes, contact information, agency approvals, use practices and other information provided by the manufacturers.

Toys should be used with adult supervision and guidance as well as appropriate safety gear to reduce the chance of injury. They should not be used where there is vehicle traffic, slopes or water close by. Wagon Train Ventures, LLC disclaims any warranties either expressed or implied but not limited by advertising materials. Wagon Train Ventures, LLC's obligational liability is expressly limited to the stated return policy. Some items may require additional supervision or safety equipment that is not supplied by Wagon Train Ventures, LLC. Consult the manufacturer's literature for specific advice. Some products such as larger play structures may be subject to local laws for their use or installation, and the responsibility for compliance lies with the purchaser or user. Advice or procedures supplied by Wagon Train Ventures, LLC or its web pages are offered as informational courtesy and are to be used with adult judgment and at your own risk.