Suppliers takes pride in working with high-quality toy manufacturers, from large companies to small family workshops.  We carry only the top of the line, finest toys--ones we would be delighted to give to our own children.  We look for toy manufacturers who make quality toys in the USA, since we like to do business with our neighbors.  We also carry quality toys made in other countries under fair conditions.  Country of origin is noted below: 

Berlin Wood Products, Inc.
An efficient, local business employing many talented Amish craftsmen.
Specialty: Wooden wagons
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 2-3  business days

E-Z Spreader Manufacturing
An Amish shop that actually specializes in Amish farm equipment to spread...fertilizer,
but they also build a truly unique wagon.
Fiberglass wagons
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 3-4 business days

Hochstetler Welding, LLC
An Amish family welding shop run by an Amish gentleman and his twin sons.
Specialty: Wagons from recycled plastic and tricycles
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 2-4 business days

Kettler International, Inc./Rolly Toys
A large company with a reputation for rigorous quality and innovative design.
Specialty: Tricycles and ride-on toys
Germany or China ( carries the German line with the more substantial warranty.)
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 2-3 business days

Mason Corporation
A company that developed and manufactures unusual sit-skate toys in the USA.
Specialty: "The Flying Turtle" and sit-skates
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 2-4 business days

Speedway Express
An Amish family business and technically "Lapp's Welding Shop," an amazingly prolific shop
considering the family also maintains a small dairy farm.
Specialty: Wooden wagons and welded tricycles
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 2-6 business days on most wagons, 1-2 weeks on larger wagons (Models 800+)

Valley Road Woodworks, LLC
An Amish family business run by Mr. Fisher and several of his sons,
with quality workmanship and attention to detail.
Specialty: Wooden wagons and welded tricycles
Typical order-to-shipping timeframe: 2-5 business days