Hochstetler-Poly Beach Wagon and Racks in Ten Colors

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Hochstetler-Poly Beach Wagon and Racks in Ten Colors

NEW!  At the request of our customers, Hochstetler's shop is now making a plastic beach wagon with a poly plastic bed AND poly plastic side racks.  This American-made plastic wagon is similar in size and design to popular wood wagons except for the colors and slightly more weight.  It features kingpin and tie rod no-tip steering and offset wheels with a wide track (20").

Recovered plastic "lumber" is assembled into white boards and plywood-like sheets and built into a wagon bed over a full length powder-coated steel frame. Flathead through bolts threaded into Pem™ fastener captive nuts are used to hold the plastic racks together rather than staples and glue. A long 30" handle is comfortable for adults, and the end is peaked to center over a 2" trailer ball.  If you are looking for accessories, a Valley Road model cooler rack will fit this Hochstetler model wagon.

-The wagon measures 23" x 46".

-The wagon comes with extra wide 13" x 6" tires for maximum floatation over sand.

-Multiple color patterns for the racks are available: Red, royal blue, aqua, dark green, lime green, green and yellow, orange, pink, purple and cherry wood brown.  The colors are not as saturated as paint but don't seem to fade and are through the material.

-Pinstriping is done with white pavement marking paint and crystal grains that make the trim reflective.  

-Made in the USA

Free shipping to most states!  Western states will add $40-$45 in shipping.