Fiberglass Wagon

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The entire 20"x40" bed bottom is one formed piece of fiberglass, with no wood in the bed. Red painted hardwood racks then slide into the holders, or an option for red plastic racks is also available.  The wagon bed is shaped like flanged tub with a shallow 1.25" of depth inside but a skirt of 2.75" around the sides. The topside of the fiberglass has rounded contours and a smooth, shiny white gel-coat finish (not paint). Next to the unfinished bottom side of the fiberglass is a red painted welded steel undercarriage ready to support the heavy loads. Real 10" x 4" air tires are on steel wheels with 5/8" ball bearings with grease fittings. The track width is 17" across the tire centers. Stable kingpin and tie-rod steering is connected to a 27.5" handle comfortable for most adults.  Wagons with red racks over white are generally available in a week.  Other color choices on the wood racks may be available; e-mail or call for availability and shipping time, as it may be several weeks for custom painting. 


The default option is the 4 inch wide air tires, but this wagon can be ordered with three types of no-flat tires (prices vary):

No-Flat Wide tires: These are 3 inches wide with steel rims and have much the same ride as the air tires.

No-Flat Narrow tires: These are 2 inches wide with plastic rims and also have a fairly smooth ride, much like air tires.

No-Flat Hard tires: These are 2 inches wide on plastic rims, and are a hard rubber.  These are best suited for sidewalks and pavement, as they do not have the smooth ride of the softer rubber.

Made in the USA.

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