Amish Plastic Wagons

Amish Plastic Wagons are an Amish-builthochstetler-wagon-blue-new-2-dt.jpg wagon option made of heavy-duty plastic. These plastic wagons resist the effects of sun and rain exposure. Hochstetler's unusual plastic wagons are made with "boards" of weatherproof recycled plastic for all parts of the wagon bed and racks.

The colors penetrate the material, so these plastic wagons are great for heavy use because scratches hardly show up. The pinstriping is also unique, done with reflective white pavement marking paint with crystal grains. 

Some features of Hochstetler Amish wagons:

Hochstetler makes our only all-plastic beach wagon, a new option made specifically at the request of customers.hochstetler-durable-designs-wagon-colors-s.jpg

Our other shops make wagons with plastic beds, but with wooden side racks. Speedway Express also has three wagon models with plastic wagon beds (see below), and most Valley Road wagons are available with plastic wagon beds (see the Valley Road page).