Amish Beach Wagons

Beach wagons by Valley Road Amish Wagons and Speedway Express Amish Wagons offer a classic and charming solution to carrying kids and beach gear over sand. A Speedway Express 870 with mothers Lisa Y. on the left and Christina B. pulling the wagon and all their children. Customer picture by Richard M. used with permission.

Beach Wagon accessories include wagon sun canopies, wagon seats, wagon trailers and a cooler rack to keep your cooler up out of the sand. 

See Tires and Load Capacity for information about how much weight per tire can be floated over various types of sand.  The Speedway 870 to the right can fit a half dozen kids under the 58" sun top!   

Plastic beach wagons are now available.  Valley Road wagons can be ordered with tan poly plastic beds and wood racks. 

Hochstetler's shop now makes a beach wagon with a plastic bed and plastic racks in ten colors. Unlike most plastic beach wagons on the market, these beach wagons combine the water resistance of plastic with the charm and quality of Amish crafting.    

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